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Here we are.

Stefania and Silvia, art & travel enthusiast, your licensed private guide in Milan.

If you want to discover museums, monuments and neighborhoods of Milan, follow us! We will be very happy to share our passion and knowledge with you. We will guide you through the authentical culture and history of our city.

What we love about private guided tours is that our clients can enjoy the tour exclusively. It can be a family-oriented tour, for friends or colleagues, where we can easily customize the itinerary based on your interests.

Stefania Fiegl

I love Milan because…
I was born and raised in Milan. Since I was a child, I’ve always loved to travel and discover different cultures and learn new languages, but what Milan has taught me throughout the years is that no matter where you are and how long for, its attraction will always lead you home. In the last few decades I have personally witnessed all the positive changes that our ever evolving city went through, transforming itself from a typical Italian city into a proper European capital, which has nothing to envy to other cities of its dimensions and relevance. What I love to do is to let my customers live like locals and feel the vibe of this thriving and vibrant capital of fashion, design, culture and so much more than what lies above the surface: I could not live anywhere else in the whole world!

Silvia Dondi

I love Milan because…
I have always greatly enjoyed strolling around Milan, my home city, and relish its beauty: no two spots are the same, and one can easily find his or her happy place. At the time when I was studying Classics and Archeology in Milan, I took advantage of the fact that the University is in the city center to stroll around and find little hidden spots that I can now show during my tours. Milan is known to be a fast-paced, dynamic city, with business opportunities and coffee on the go and fast lunches and an efficient metro system. But there is also something heart-warming about it, and that, one can feel while walking around Brera’s mildly crowded and cobbled streets, or when we pass by an entrance and discover a wonderful world behind a severe facade or when we stand in front of the Duomo cathedral and gaze up at the Madonnina. It takes time to get to know Milan, and to appreciate and love it; but once you do, that heartiness will belong to you too. This keeps fueling my excitement as I show visitors around.